Invaluable support at peak growth points

Our comprehensive range of high-impact training courses, and consulting and business advisory services focus on fast-tracking value for our clients at peak growth points, such as during acquisitions, expansions and new market entries.

Each service is tailored to suit our clients, their specific growth objectives and their individual expansion strategy.

Business Consulting

Unlocking value

Having spearheaded multinational organisations' operations in emerging markets for more than 25  years, we have a keen understanding of the challenges of working in these territories.

Using this experience as a benchmark, we have developed a unique consulting approach to assisting companies looking to the emerging markets - specifically Africa - for growth.

This approach comprises two distinct areas:

  • Defining our clients' priorities and short- to long-term profitable growth opportunities
    • Our thorough business assessment tools interrogate organisations' life cycles, brands, products, services, customers and markets, as well as their goals for short, medium and long-term profitable growth.
  • Implementing a compact methodology and practical set of tools to identify and unlock value
    • The methodology focuses specifically on profitable, accelerated growth; improving cash management; elevating organisational culture; and maximising income statement drivers.

Training & Courses

Accelerating value generation for businesses

Working in management positions in multinationals operating in Africa provided us with first-hand experience of how top performing talent, despite their heavyweight skill sets, battle to adjust to emerging market conditions.

Understanding the need by corporates to train their employees to the highest standards, but also the challenges that come with working in these countries, we have formulated training programmes that bridge the gap between developed market learning and developing market execution.

These courses include Jumpshift Worth, an intensive, industry-accredited training programme that empowers delegates with the essential knowledge needed to successfully run a high performance organisation in emerging markets.

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This programme is suited to:

  • New and early career phase employees
  • Middle management and transitional phase employees (departmental responsibilities)
  • Top management (general management responsibilities - Non Exec Directors)

The programme can be tailored to each organisation's needs, and adapted specifically for:

  • Management development
  • Continuous improvement
  • Enterprise supplier development
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • One on one coaching
  • In-house training

By delivering integrated business acumen and skills development, Jumpshift Worth assists in:

  • Accelerating decision making for improved organisational growth
  • Mitigating the risks of poorly informed decision making
  • Providing business simulations for real world readiness
  • Increasing innovative and systems thinking
  • Reducing complexity while increasing flexibility
  • Saving organisations money
  • Creating jobs and procurement opportunities
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Enhancing negotiation skills
  • Cultivating a common organisational language



Coaching & Mentoring

Building strategic skills, enhancing inherent knowledge

Drawing on our varied, broad and hands-on experience working in complex business environments in developed and developing markets, we offer customised coaching and mentoring.

Our coaching approach:

  • Focuses on meeting our clients' specific objectives within a defined time period
  • Prioritises performance and skills development on a one-on-one basis
  • Enables individuals to build new professional skills while encouraging personal growth
  • Helps effect positive change, with clear, measurable goals set in advance

Our mentoring approach:

  • Focuses on meeting several specific, but wide-ranging goals over an extended period
  • Can be adapted to suit individuals as well as groups of employees
  • Seeks to build wisdom, and the ability to apply skills, knowledge and experience to new situations and processes.
  • Helps increase individual and team commitment to an organisation and its goals
  • Improve organisational cultures, communication and employee understanding of the intrinsic workings of their organisation

Business Advisory

Strategic insights from the ground

We offer a tailor-made advisory service which, through our potent on-the-ground system, assists firms looking to expand, improve existing operations, or pursue acquisition target identification strategies in developing countries, specifically Africa.

Companies working in these markets often encounter challenges that require strategic and operational solutions.

These include:

  • Multinationals that have not realised the business success they had anticipated
  • Entrepreneurs with excellent products but incomplete market presence
  • Rapidly growing businesses that don't have dedicated resources
  • Firms looking for new market prospects
  • Companies with specific market challenges that need effective market solutions

 Our all-inclusive business advisory services cover:

  • New market entry strategies
  • Acquisition target identification
  • Supply chain and operations
  • Distribution partner assessment and outlines
  • A unique entry expanding earning (EEE) model

Tailored, informed strategies for maximum success

Our vast experience working in African markets has taught us that new market entries are most likely to fail as a result of:

  • Inappropriate (or non-existent) strategies
  • A lack of development of local talent
  • Insufficient experience and knowledge of the local market
  • Attempting to transfer country-specific models from other markets to Africa 

We know every country comes with its own unique set of challenges and operating conditions, which is why we only craft and implement strategies based on our own insights and hands-on experiences of these markets.

This ensures that our clients are able to adopt an informed approach to their growth strategies, effectively reducing the risk of new market failure.


Private equity advisory

Our team also has extensive experience advising private equity in:  

  • Identifying prospects that most advantageously balance risk with reward
  • Evaluating opportunities for new markets, and fast-tracking profitable growth
  • Extracting maximum value and returns for investors
  • Deal preparation support
  • Due diligence

Interim Management

We can provide CEO - COO - MD Interim management.

Sourced from a pool of proven heavyweight  executives to safely handle a period of transition, crisis or change within an organization.

Professional Certifications

Driven by his passion for ethics and governance Enrico has become the 1st Africa Board-Advisor Certified Chair™ and gained  more Board Related Certifications

Xponential Business Services XBS

Originally conceived as a special-purpose-vehicle ('SPV') to house specific short and medium-term collaboration projects between Accelerated Value Generation ('AVG') and PRiVATi Capital ('PRiVATi') as separate yet complimentary consultancies, Xponential Business Services ('XBS') has evolved into a fully-fledged boutique consultancy with specialization in the:

• Enablement of new markets and opportunities; and

• Turnaround of existing businesses or projects within such established markets. XBS achieves these objectives by simply deploying the vast skills, knowledge and experience and of its Founders - which business expertise is supported by an ever-expanding collection of proprietary systems, processes and methodologies (held as core intellectual-property).

Whilst the practice of enablement and incubation, acceleration & turnaround services by specialist 3rd party consultants is not necessarily unique, it is the hands-on ability of XBS to rapidly accelerate these practices which differentiates it from its peers.


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