Advisory-Board Certified Chair™

Enrico is the 1st Certified Chair™ in Africa with the Advisory Board Centre , leading and first global certified experts in Advisory Board Practice.

Advisory Board Benefits

An advisory board is like having your own specially selected team of independent experts on hand. 

Unlike a Board of Directors, they have no fiduciary responsibilities. They are independent, problem-solvers, not decision-makers. Their role is to help you succeed by bringing the benefits of their wide-ranging experience and expertise to your business.

Supported by "fit for purpose" advisors, an Advisory Board can empower you to:

o   Transition your company to a new business model

o   Uncover new opportunities for your business

o   Increase sales and productivity

o   Build an effective IT channel

o   Mitigate the risk of your board of directors by tackling tough compliance issues

o   Launch new product, software, or services

o   Keep you abreast of market trends

o   Build and scale a robust community

o   Revamp and boost a partner program

o   Road test scenarios to enter new markets

o   Become investment ready

o   Raise capital, refinance, or restructure

o   Plan for succession

o   Solve a supply chain crisis

o   Address changes to terms and conditions

o   Expand internationally

o   Successfully partner with distributors

o   Build brand recognition and mindshare

o   Enhance the reputation of your organization

o   Avoid potential pitfalls

o   Make profitable connections and partnerships

o   Encourage and support new ideas

o   Challenge existing operations

o   Face emerging Trends:

      * AI

      * Digitalization

       * Diversity/Inclusion

       *  Etc

Whether you're starting up, scaling up or already established at the big end of town, one thing's for sure - growing your business is a big priority. But imagine taking that goal one step further. Daring to dream. Finding an opportunity. Taking a risk. And striding ahead of the competition.

That's where a professionally qualified advisory board can help. It puts a whole group of carefully chosen business leaders on your side. Different experts, with different experiences, and one thing in common - each one is committed to helping your business become more successful.

For entrepreneurs seeking to develop, raise capital or validate a business model.
For high-growth businesses seeking to maximise market opportunities and expansion whilst strengthening controls internally
For businesses and owners to maximise their value and transition to step up, step back or step out
For organisations seeking independent thinking to inform their strategies


Advisory Board Services

Advisory Board Services Include:

•                  Internal executives from the company

•                  An independent Certified Chair ™

•                  Subject-matter experts from outside the company

•                  A three month deep-dive to understand the business prior to the first board meeting

•                  An orientation kick-off meeting

•                  Quarterly board meetings

•                  Ongoing monthly meetings with the executive sponsor during months with no board meetings

•                  Access to Advisors Concierge Service

•                  A business "growth score" assessment to align expectations

•                  A value chain assessment to drive business improvement strategies

•                  Defined and agreed upon priorities, responsibilities, and accountability

•                  A formal board charter, meeting agendas, and meeting minutes

•                  An annual Advisory Board survey and assessment meeting



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