Inspired, insightful leadership

Accelerated Value Generation (AVG) is a dynamic, hands-on company led by visionary individuals - former CEOs, global CMOs and COOs working in the high-pressured consumer goods market.

We have unmatched expertise in the developed markets of the USA, Europe and Australia, as well as in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Pakistan.

Our knowledge of Africa, her markets, her people and her diverse operating environments is unparalleled, and is one of the greatest drawcards for our blue-chip clients. We have far-reaching experience and success working on the African continent, and deliver the lessons learnt here to our clients to maximise value in the most efficient way possible.

We have multisector experience spanning businesses operating in the household cleaners, health and beauty, personal care, cosmetics, over the counter pharmaceuticals, pet care and pet food, medical devices and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our vision for Accelerated Value Generation is to be a leading roleplayer in enhancing and augmenting the professional skill sets of organisations operating in emerging markets.