Business Advisory

Strategic insights from the ground

We offer a tailor-made advisory service which, through our potent on-the-ground system, assists firms looking to expand, improve existing operations, or pursue acquisition target identification strategies in developing countries, specifically Africa.

Companies working in these markets often encounter challenges that require strategic and operational solutions.

These include:

  • Multinationals that have not realised the business success they had anticipated
  • Entrepreneurs with excellent products but incomplete market presence
  • Rapidly growing businesses that don't have dedicated resources
  • Firms looking for new market prospects
  • Companies with specific market challenges that need effective market solutions

 Our all-inclusive business advisory services cover:

  • New market entry strategies
  • Acquisition target identification
  • Supply chain and operations
  • Distribution partner assessment and outlines
  • A unique entry expanding earning (EEE) model

Tailored, informed strategies for maximum success

Our vast experience working in African markets has taught us that new market entries are most likely to fail as a result of:

  • Inappropriate (or non-existent) strategies
  • A lack of development of local talent
  • Insufficient experience and knowledge of the local market
  • Attempting to transfer country-specific models from other markets to Africa 

We know every country comes with its own unique set of challenges and operating conditions, which is why we only craft and implement strategies based on our own insights and hands-on experiences of these markets.

This ensures that our clients are able to adopt an informed approach to their growth strategies, effectively reducing the risk of new market failure.



Private equity advisory

Our team also has extensive experience advising private equity in:  

  • Identifying prospects that most advantageously balance risk with reward
  • Evaluating opportunities for new markets, and fast-tracking profitable growth
  • Extracting maximum value and returns for investors
  • Deal preparation support
  • Due diligence



We have access to Top Quality and Highly Curated and Exclusive Networks of expert C Suite members and Advisors: 

1) The Advisory Board Centre:

2) The Virtual Advisory Board:

3) The Corporate Governance Institute:

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