Coaching & Mentoring

Building strategic skills, enhancing inherent knowledge

Drawing on our varied, broad and hands-on experience working in complex business environments in developed and developing markets, we offer customised coaching and mentoring.

Our coaching approach:

  • Focuses on meeting our clients' specific objectives within a defined time period
  • Prioritises performance and skills development on a one-on-one basis
  • Enables individuals to build new professional skills while encouraging personal growth
  • Helps effect positive change, with clear, measurable goals set in advance

Our mentoring approach:

  • Focuses on meeting several specific, but wide-ranging goals over an extended period
  • Can be adapted to suit individuals as well as groups of employees
  • Seeks to build wisdom, and the ability to apply skills, knowledge and experience to new situations and processes.
  • Helps increase individual and team commitment to an organisation and its goals
  • Improve organisational cultures, communication and employee understanding of the intrinsic workings of their organisation


We are Active Members with 2 Leading Coaching/Mentoring Organization as Lead Mentors:

Harvard Alumni Entrapreneurs :

The Entrelliance Foundation: https:/

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