Xponential Business Services XBS

Originally conceived as a special-purpose-vehicle ('SPV') to house specific short and medium-term collaboration projects between Accelerated Value Generation ('AVG') and PRiVATi Capital ('PRiVATi') as separate yet complimentary consultancies, Xponential Business Services ('XBS') has evolved into a fully-fledged boutique consultancy with specialization in the:

• Enablement of new markets and opportunities; and

• Turnaround of existing businesses or projects within such established markets. XBS achieves these objectives by simply deploying the vast skills, knowledge and experience and of its Founders - which business expertise is supported by an ever-expanding collection of proprietary systems, processes and methodologies (held as core intellectual-property).

Whilst the practice of enablement and incubation, acceleration & turnaround services by specialist 3rd party consultants is not necessarily unique, it is the hands-on ability of XBS to rapidly accelerate these practices which differentiates it from its peers.



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