Creating value, unlocking wealth

Accelerated Value Generation delivers high-impact, tailor-made consulting, training courses and business advisory services to South African and multinational enterprises expanding into emerging markets, particularly Africa.

Our core focus is to increase value for our clients, in the fastest way possible, for highly successful, sustainable business performance.

We draw on our comprehensive knowledge of African markets as well as our extensive local and international experience in developed and developing markets across key consumer goods sectors to assist businesses in effectively restructuring their organisations and successfully growing into new territories.

By fast-tracking high-performance employees with their developed market skill sets straight into the emerging market with its culturally and socio-economically influenced mindset, we empower companies to maximise resources, efficiencies and their growth strategies at this critical time.

Our deep-seated understanding of Africa, and developed and emerging markets, together with our innate ability to develop high-calibre talent, allows us to assist our clients in creating greater value and unlocking greater wealth within their growing businesses.